APCA Cookbook Sponsorship

Asian Pacific Islanders for professional and Community Advancement (APCA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization focused on representation of Asian Pacific Islanders (API) employed by AT&T Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiaries. Currently boasting over 5,000 members and 13 chapters across the nation, we have been growing at 60% a year in the past 3 years.

As a key mission in developing the employees and community through education, APCA runs many of flagship programs including scholarship, career & excel workshops, community outreach, mentoring, etc. These programs are not limited to APCA members, but open to all ethnic backgrounds. The majority of our funding comes from generous donations and sponsorships from partners like you.

“Diverse Origins, One Vision, Endless Possibilities.” – our APCA Cookbook fund raising initiative benefits APCA flagship programs.  APCA Cookbook presents local businesses, AT&T business units and ERGs a unique opportunity to demonstrate their support for the APCA flagship programs to promote diversity & inclusion, help employees grow and unleash their potential, give back to the community, as well as a venue to showcase their organizations, products and services.

We sincerely hope you would consider participating in this initiative.   Sponsor benefits include advertisement in the cookbook to be made available at numerous AT&T, APCA, ERG events, as well as appearance in multi-media to market your organization and/or business. You will also receive complimentary Cookbook copy(s) for your generous donation.  Please contact Jessica Yang at jy1373@att.com for more details.

We strongly believe good education builds better leaders and ultimately, better communities. Thank you in advance for supporting APCA in building diverse and strong leaders and communities.


Sam Zhu                                                      Jessica Yang

APCA DFW Chapter President                         APCA DFW Chapter Vice President

                                                                   APCA Cookbook Chair 


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